ChangeLog 13th June 2016

Server Updates!

General update all servers : New Effects and Weapon Skins added, some old weapon effects brought back

PVP bug fixes implemented!

Lucky Time lag issue resolved

Updates added for future patch

WAR Server Update :

Guild War Pole health increased 50 percent

Gate Health reduced 50 percent

Taos : Fire Met Crit and Dmg increased 300 perecent

="padding-bottom: 18px;">Taos : All Defense removed from Tao Bags and moved to Tao Robes

ChangeLog 26th February 2016


TrueConquer WAR server Update : The New Guild War Season will start on Friday 29th April. All previous Guild War Cups have been removed froma ll players and will NOT be replaced after a decision by the GMs. The New Guild War trophy (pictures posted on Facebook Page) have the following stats : GoldTrophy : 1000 Atack , - 1000 Defence , -1000 Magic Atack You are required to collect 12 Gold Cups to get the New Super Gold Cup (Pictures on FB Page) Guild War winners will also recieve 10K cps

Guild House will remain Unchanged The Arena on War will be rest on Friday 29th April New 1 and 2 Soc Garments and Gourds have been added to the server. Garments are available from GM traders or by asking a GM direct. Garments CANNOT be traded back, so make sure you choose carefully.

General Updates : The new Guild War server is ready for testing. This will work in the following way : A Player will win\be invited\purchase an entry to the World Guild War between WAR and PEACE The will be a limted number of invites, Top Trojan/Archer/Water/Fire/Warrior will be invited automatically Three spaces will be won from day to day contest events run by the GM's Four Spaces will be available for purchase for CP's Twelve spaces per side will be available initially. They will recieve a email with the login and account details for the account they have been assigned. Two Guilds have been created, WAR and PEACE - you cannot leave your guild or change sides Each Side will each have the following : Trojan x 4, Archer x 2, Fire x 2, War x 2, Water x 2 Each Chararcter will be level 137 with max points Each Chararcter will have a WH full of every weapon for there class Every item will be +12 -7 Every Char will have 1KK gold and 2000 cps This means that it does not matter what you are on the current servers, all characters in World Guild War will be equeal. This leaves the winners to be the most strategic and skillful, not the best geared. The Winning World Guild War Guild Leader will recieve a new Halo GODLY on the server they play.

New Client now shows TC WAR EU, TC PEACE EU and the upcoming GW SERVER

ChangeLog 20th February 2016


The New WAR and PEACE client downloads are now available!!!! You MUST download this full new client or your account will be unable to login after 7 days! Lots of new features added and a number of bug fixes and protection updates.

PEACE Server is now available to Play!! Fancy a new start? The Guards are back so you can feel safe again! Higher EXP rates than WAR, more random Events!

ChangeLog 31st January 2016

Patch notes

2016 Updates!

War and Peace are coming to www.trueconquer.net!

A new playing format is coming to coming to TrueConquer.

You like to PVP and hate all those pesky Guards? The the True Conquer WAR server is for you!

You like to Plvl and hunt but still want PVP and Guild War? Then TrueConquer PEACE server is for you!

The existing EU server will be renamed on the client login to TrueConquer WAR

A NEW EU server will be launched on the 14th February named TrueConquer PEACE

You fancy a fresh start on a new server then PEACE is for you

Faster EXP events, more drop events! But no crazy CP drops, etc

Starter Gears will be a full set of Super Items!

Interserver Events between WAR and PEACE will be available ans when the population reaches a certain level Interserver Guild War!

Patch Updates applied!

Taos have been given a buff to both Nado and Firemet

Magic Damage has been tweaked

Certain skills removed due to a Reborn path glitch

Reincarnation is still available as a option from GM's

Thrilling Spooks Event added!

Try to catch those spooks in each City every twelve hours randomly!

They drop many different surprises!

All the Guards on War will be moving to PEACE, TC is now Guard Free!

ChangeLog 12th October 2015

Maintenance for US Server

There will be a 1 hour maintenance tomorrow at 1.00pm Tuesday 13th October UK server time for a upgrade to the US Server. We will be moving to a faster SSD based solution and larger Pipe to accommodate the new players.

Server GW Times US Server Only!

US Time :

  1. 8-10.00PM - Wednesday
  2. 8-10.00PM - Friday
  3. 6-8.00PM - Sunday

This will be the following UK server times

UK Time

  1. 2-4.00PM - Wednesday
  2. 2-4.00pm - Friday
  3. 12-2.00pm - Sunday

This update is now live

The Frozen Grotto is being upgraded at the moment...

Other News :

Server Wars is finalised and tested, as soon as the US server population reaches the required level we will be moving to the first test of Server GW between the US and EU server

Alternate Gears Tab is being worked on

Preperations for the Halloween Events

True Conquer is a Classic Conquer Online server, but with a few twists

We are of the opinion that the game was ruined shortly after all of the new equipment and classes were added by TQ, therefore you will find that True Conquer have developed a server, and a community that promises the following.

  • No new classes, Warriors, Taos, Trojans and Archers only.
  • No BattlePower, Talismans, Mounts, Fans, Towers etc.
  • We do not and will not EVER implement the lottery system.

We can boast the following few features from a VERY long list. 

  • Conquer 3.0 HD maps. 
  • Tons of new and unique garments. 
  • A full arena system, with rankings, halos and rewards. 
  • Solo and Team PK events. 
  • Quiz Show. Frozen Grotto levels 1 to 6, for levelling from 130 to 137. 
  • TC Gambler, try your luck at gambling for gear. 
  • Classic Guild War, gates, bombs....the way it should be! 
  • Guild Hall, offering huge benefits to the last Guild War winning guild. 

There really is much more, please come and see for yourself.

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