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New Map Added and Bot Hunting Season
To make guildwar more interesting, we have decided to make an aditional leveling and hunting map that can be reached from the guildhall only.

Also we want YOUR help catching those filthy botters, also knows as AFK autoclickers! If you want to report a player acting suspicious make sure you whisper them first and see if you get a reply him the player or any sign of the player being there. If not you are free to call out for a GM. If any GM is online they will summon to the player and confirm if they are there or not. If they are botting you as the reporter will be awarded with 2000cps and a garment of your choice! Let us move on to a better community free of cheaters!

New 1yr VIP Added!
New 1Yr VIP benefits are now available! These are transferable only between Chars on the same account! One Single Payment of $75 gives your char VIPfor an entire Year! This is a saving of over $45 buying them seperatly

Go Pwn!

Please See any GM in game or email gm@dragonconquer.com to arrange this!

January Updates!
TItles are Coming! Fancy a custom added Title before your Char Name? Then your wish has come true! Your Trojan can Be THEDESTROYER FluffyBunny. Simply see a gm ingame to arrane and then email your choice to gm@dragonconquer.com

Only 15 UNIQUE titles are available for Purchase! & Other News!

New Archer Spawns have been added at Wine Cellar,Grotto Level and 2 for Plvling and Hunting!

Minor Bug issues fixedincluding Halbert Skill, active passive skills,etc

Go Pwn!

Thanks Oynxia[Owner]

Patch or Login Issue Update!
Please download and place the following files in your Dragon Folder

Patch 8 & Patch 9

Please then run patch 8 and 9

This should then resolve the issue



New Updates!

Great News!

We will be doing a major maintenance whilst we move the hosts to Frankfurt in Germany in preperation for the Migration to the new Code base. We will be down for around 1 hour on SUNDAY 8TH JANUARY at 1.00PM server time.

NEW DRAGON CO 2.0 now in Beta! . Beta testers required! The new code update for Dragon CO is now being moved to Beta. Beta testers will be rewarded when the code update is applied! This is NOT a new server ,all player acounts will be moved to the new updated code!

Thank you for all your Suport in 2016! .

Dragon Conquer is a Classic Conquer Online server, but with a few twists

We are of the opinion that the game was ruined shortly after all of the new equipment and classes were added by TQ, therefore you will find that Dragon Conquer have developed a server, and a community that promises the following.

  • No new classes, Warriors, Taos, Trojans and Archers only.
  • No BattlePower, Talismans, Mounts, Fans, Towers etc.
  • We do not and will not EVER implement the lottery system.

We can boast the following few features from a VERY long list. 

  • Conquer 3.0 HD maps. 
  • Tons of new and unique garments. 
  • A full arena system, with rankings, halos and rewards. 
  • Solo and Team PK events. 
  • Quiz Show. Frozen Grotto levels 1 to 6, for levelling from 130 to 137. 
  • TC Gambler, try your luck at gambling for gear. 
  • Classic Guild War, gates, bombs....the way it should be! 
  • Guild Hall, offering huge benefits to the last Guild War winning guild. 

There really is much more, please come and see for yourself.

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